Top 10 internet marketing tools

1 – RSS reader

google reader

RSS with Google reader

staying informed with a lot of RSS is important… and having great RSS sources is also very important, so every morning i browse the internet searching for something intersting.

2 – Chat client


Pidgin and huge chat list

with pidgin I keep together my Gmail, MSN, ICQ and AOL contacts (it have also other features but i do not use them)

3 – Spam cleaner


Spam fighter plugin for outlook

this little plugin saves a lot of time, it checks for the spam emails and puts them in the spam folder. it can be trained and customized (too bad it needs subscription)

4 – Email marketing

email marketing software

SendBlaster email marketing program

when I send my news and offers I use this mass emailing software, comes in 2 versions: freeware and PRO.

5 – Spam check

email spam check

Mailing check email spam check

before sending a mass email I always check it with this free tool, so that it won’t be caught by mistake by my recipients’ spam checkers. It gives a spam rate to my outbox folder, if they are too spammy the signal becomes RED and you have to correct something inside your email.



WordPress and ALL in one seo

I write my websites using wordpress + All in one SEO pack, this gives to me great control on contents and also made new readers. WordPress is indeed the best SEO content management system around.

7 – Seo Copywriting


SEO Quake

When I have to optimize my articles for the search engines, I always check my words density with this free tool.

8 – Daily rank check


Google webmaster tools

Once a day I check my ranks in the search engine with the google webmasters free tool, and i learn what is working in my website and what is not cool for my readers. It changes everyday so can be pretty though to follow at the beginning, but constant control over the website contents gives the best results.

9 – New points of view


Read something new every day

I buy books from amazon and always read something new (just a IRL clone of RSS reader anyway). When you get out from work, unplugging your mind from human beings constant contact can be very relaxing.

10 – Social Share


Share thoughts and knowledge on social networks

Staying in contact with new and old people is very important, and to achieve the contact we have something to share (like this page for example). I personally use:

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