Gmail to do list plugin

I’ve been searching for a to do list software all day long. Finally i found Remember The Milk. It has RSS feeds, Gcalendar and Gmail plugins (as well as twitter plugin). You can send emails that add a new to do and they have some kind of lol-sense of humor (you know, the 2.0 sense of humor). Ah, you can take it off line since it supports google Gears.

Other cool softwares for this week are:

  • Gmail’s Task plugin (for the moment has less functionalities compared to RememberTheMilk’s plugin, example there’s not an rss feed for your todos but they will improve for sure)
  • Clockingit (tracks task duration, thanks Stefano)
  • GrepWin for fast search inside files (with Regex)
  • PSPad a freeware text editor with cool find and replace in files feature (yes, NP++ is still missing the search and replace inside system directories)
  • ColorZilla is a Firefox plugin to copy an RGB color code, no more photoshop paste for me!

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