Some known FACTS about Google PR

google is hungry of contents (contents are the essential food of google)
a website’s PR does not involve its direct ranks
websites with good PRs often place themselves well on search engine result pages
many other known facts

Some wrong reasoning about the known FACTS

The third fact made many people think that having PR is important for results, in my experience this is false.

Some good reasoning about the known FACTS

having an high PR website pointing to ours may result in higher ranks.

Let’s see a little example

here we have three websites:

Website A:
(has good contents, links to good contents)
Website B:
(has good contents, links to common contents)
Website C:
(has common/poor contents, no outbound links)

please note that:
good” and “common” are words defined by Google in its internal supersecret algorithm, while it crawls the three websites. I only know that these definitions highly rely on users’ actions on the search results page (what they click after reading the search results descriptions, and what they bounce).

in this scheme, website B gets significant ranks and a nice PR.
This PR shifts from website A to B because B has cool contents.
The PR does NOT shift from B to C because C’s content sucks.

Briefly, here’s what I think on how the google PR cycle works

PR is a number that google uses to tell its users how much their contents and linked resources are good. So, PR is a gift that you can give to the websites you trust, and that will increase their ranks.

PR assignment acts like an indirect affiliate marketing strategy, because you try provide contents to google linking them, and according to actual link network google can setup its own rank, and google can give as output the website’s PR that are needed to preserve google PR authority related to actual clicked contents.

Now some questions

Are the websites we link somehow related to our PR?


Google’s internal rules are the only source for PR?
in which proportion google uses websites mass links to assign a single page PR?

Some strenghts about google PR system’s spam proof

the real source of PR points is still unknown
since only google’s internal rules can tell if your website deserves PR, is not possible to directly modify your own PR without a personal (or relational) contact with the High PR website owners that you need to get the best ranks.